Project Title Grapple
License LGPL
Release Status Beta
Current Version 0.9.8
Release Date 2009-08-04
Downloads Source
SVN Not Available
Grapple is designed to be a simple network layer, allowing the addition of multiplayer features to a game (or other application) for as little as a dozen lines of code. However it is also fully featured, so if you want more from your networking, you can have it.

While it hasn't seen a release in a while, I am back to actively developing Grapple, and there is likely to be a release some time in 2015. In the last month I've added a port of the client to Javascript to allow web games to interact with desktop games. I'll be adding in IOS and Android ports soon, and finally, there will at last be a complete set of manpages!

Basic Features
Simple client-server networking
Keeps all clients aware of all other clients
Passworded servers
Data transfer via TCP, UDP, or reliable UDP
Synchronised variables, allowing use without messages

Advanced Features
Network messenging by either a push or a pull model, or a mixture of both
Multiple methods of querying users
User Groups for client bandwidth saving
Network load reacting data transmission and retransmission
Background pinging to monitor network states
Server failover
A fully functional lobby system
NAT traversal using STUN and TURN

Online Documentation
README - Basic usage guide
README.lobby - Lobby usage guide
README.advanced - Advanced features guide
README.nattrav - NAT Traversal usage guide
UPDATES - Version information